Any airborne foreign contaminant, such as from painting projects or industrial fallout, that resides on an exterior surface is known as overspray. It can sometimes travel for miles through the wind before settling on a vehicle or boat. Over time these particles accumulate and damage the surface and draw away from the original beauty. If not treated properly, these contaminants can seep into a vehicle and erode the exterior surface. Our deep polish and releasing agents will remove these blemishes in a non-abrasive manner.

Restore your vehicle, boat or property to it’s original condition. Overspray Pro can service any make and model of vehicle, as well as boats, and interior and exterior surfaces. Using safe and environmentally friendly processes we will remove all contaminants from vehicles, water vessels and commercial buildings and restore them to their original condition. We can work with individual owners, corporations, contractors, dealerships, and insurance agencies.

Our Process

Step 1

Assess: Our staff will conduct an inspection to analyze the condition of the vehicle, boat or home. Together with the claimant, our technician will identify and document any existing damage to the vehicle, boat or home. (chips, dents, etc.). Claimants will sign the appropriate release forms.

Step 2

Clean: Using techniques that are both safe and gentle to the vehicle exteriors, our technicians will hand wash and polish every surface. With this thorough cleaning, all contaminants, particles, and debris will be removed from painted surfaces, glass, and moldings.

Step 3

Complete: To achieve a look of restoration and shine, the final process includes hand waxing, polishing and cleaning any fine surfaces. The claimant will then have the opportunity to inspect their property and sign a release form. If additional work is deemed necessary another signature and release form must be obtained.  

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