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Frequently Asked

What does overspray refer to?

Any airborne foreign contaminant from industrial plants or refineries, as well as debris, asphalt, tar, chemicals, and other particles. They will sit on the surfaces and leave a bumpy texture. Without correct treatment overspray will discolor, stand and damage the surface.

How did the overspray get on the surface?

Particulate matter, contaminants and debris can travel in the wind for several miles. Over time, these particles will accumulate on vehicles and water vessels and will need to be thoroughly cleaned.

Can overspray removal be harmful to surfaces?

Not with our proven techniques. We make sure to use non-abrasive cleaning chemicals and releasing agents, as well as adhering to environmentally friendly practices. 

Can Overspray Pro work directly with insurance companies?

Yes, we absolutely can!

How do I file a claim?

You can either reach us by phone or fill out a form on our website

What is the cost of overspray removal?

All projects are individually assessed to ensure you only pay for what you need. Our pricing is competitive and more affordable than alternative options.

What if my vehicle or water vessel is already dented?

This is not a problem! Our technician will inspect the surfaces beforehand to identify any pre-existing dents, chips or scratches. 

Will a car wash remove overspray?

No. Car washes do not clean deep enough to remove the contaminants that will seep into and damage the pores of surfaces. However, we will ensure your vehicle is also fresh, slick and shiny when you leave!

Where is Overspray Pro located?

The great state of Florida!

Who is eligible for Overspray Pro services?

We can work with individual owners, corporations, contractors, dealerships, and insurance agencies.

How long does overspray removal take to finish?

In addition to being safe, thorough and complete, we will have your vehicle or water vessel back to you in a quick turnaround time.

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