About Us

Overspray Pro is dedicated to the restoration of vehicles, boats and homes to their original conditions. We pride ourselves on offering exceptional service, competitive pricing, and an emphasis on customer satisfaction. Our team of technicians are artists, having mastered techniques found across few other firms, to deliver results that stand out.  

Contaminants, debris, asphalt, tar, chemicals, as well as industrial airborne emissions from refineries and power plants can damage and tarnish the original paint and varnish surfaces. Through the Overspray Pro process, we will not only restore the original beauty, but also preserve original finishes to prevent expensive replacement procedures in the future. 

Our Mission

Customer satisfaction is at the core of Overspray Pro. We want our clients to take a step back and see their car, home, or even their boat as unrecognizable! Our commitment is delivering a total package of restoration, renovation, and rejuvenation for every project.

The services we provide at Overspray Pro will maintain the optimal finish for cars, boats and home and save clients thousands of dollars in replacement costs, insurance claims, or extreme repair measures if problems are left untreated. 


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Our Vision

To be available, safe, and quick. Overspray Pro services are environmentally friendly and non-toxic, and our processes are optimized to have your property restored in a timely fashion.

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PO Box 730821, Ormond Beach, FL, 32173

(833)-687-7779 Toll Free

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